Pitru Paksha


Date(s) - 28/09/2019 - 29/09/2019
All Day


One of the Vedic traditions observed on the Siddha Yoga path is Pitru Paksha, which is designated as an especially powerful time to honor our ancestors.

According to the Vedas, our ancestors include not only members of our own family lineage but also those who have contributed to our welfare in this or in previous lives. These ancestors can be our teachers, mentors, role models, friends, and those who have walked the spiritual path before us.

Recommended Observances
In observing Pitru Paksha, we offer our gratitude to the countless souls who have brought grace, wisdom, protection, and love to our lives. We can honor our ancestors by making a donation to a not-for-profit organization, such as the SYDA Foundation, and by dedicating spiritual practices on the ancestors’ behalf. These practices include meditation, chanting, mantra repetition, and prayer.

Recommended Abstentions
During this 14-day period, it is recommended that people refrain from beginning new projects or major undertakings. While long journeys such as cross-continental or international travel are not recommended, short-distance air and car travel are fine. If you find that you must travel during this time, it is good to be especially vigilant and alert, and to offer prayers for protection. Travel that is considered auspicious during Pitru Paksha is travel undertaken as pilgrimage or to begin spiritual practice.

Please consider these guidelines as suggestions only and make plans that are most appropriate for your situation.